Graphing Calculator Rental Program

The Las Positas College Math Department offers a graphing calculator rental program whereby students pay a fee (currently around $35) to rent a TI-83 graphing calculator (or similar model) for the semester. Currently, Elizabeth Owens iis the coordinator for this program. Please contact her directly by email at or by phone at (925) 424-1326 for more information.

Picture of Graphing Calculator

Alternatives to Renting a Physical Calculator

  • There are several different types of calculator emulators available online for free. One recommended emulator is the Wabbit emulator, also known as "Wabbitemu." This emulator can be downloaded for free at After installation, you will need to download a TI-83 calculator ROM, which may be done from a physical calculator or downloaded online. The Wabbitemu emulator is installed on most ILC computers in the Open Math Lab.

wabbitemu image

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Page last modified: August 19, 2016