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Business & Marketing @ LPC
Posted by Las Positas College On July 25, 2019

BUSN 33: Personal Financial Management

  • Mondays & Wednesdays 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
  • crn: 23217
  • 3 units

A multidisciplinary examination and introduction to business operations within the U.S. and internationally. Provides an overview of global economic systems, business formations, business ethics and laws, general accounting practices and financing, facility location and layout, production, organizational structures and management functions. Fundamentals of risk management, marketing, human resources, and employee motivation are covered. Demonstrates how culture, society, and external business environments impact a business' ability to achieve its organizational goals.

BUSN: 65 Federal Income Tax Accounting

  • Tuesdays - 7:00 pm - 9:50 pm
  • crn: 23503
  • 3 units

A study and analysis of the principles of federal income tax applied to employees, self-employed individuals and rental income. Includes an overview of taxes related to partnerships, informational returns and corporate tax returns. Analysis of the Internal Revenue Code with examination of court rulings and regulations. Review of new legislation that alters existing tax law. Introduction to tax preparation software is included.

MKTG 56: Retail Strategies

  • Online
  • crn: 22844
  • 3 units

Current marketing trends, strategies, and techniques. Introduction to online and social media marketing. The promotional process and techniques in the development of effective content creation and branding. Advanced theories, principles, and practices of customer service, customer loyalty, and the customer experience.

MKTG 61: Professional Selling

  • Online
  • crn: 22325
  • 3 units

Principles and techniques involved in selling products, ideas, and/or services. Focus is on building relationships with others, identifying the reasons a purchase decision may be made. Includes buying motives, communication options, developing commonalities, sales call planning, ethics, follow-up contacts, and customer service. Interactions for face-to-face and online encounters; professional and technical products; consultants; and anyone wanting to improve their interactions with others.