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New Course! - BUSN 33 Personal Financial Management
Posted by Las Positas College On December 07, 2018


Personl Finance Mangament

BUSN 33: Personal Financial Management and Planning
(CRN# 33363)

The course will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30pm to 1:45pm. The course is 3 units and is CSU transferable as an elective.

This course will teach students the basics of money management: budgeting, saving, debt, investing, and giving.  This knowledge lays a foundation for students to build strong money habits early on and avoid many of the mistakes that lead to lifelong money struggles.  As a country, we have seen where a lack of personal finance education can lead.  Millions of Americans (including those in our own families) struggle every day with their money, living paycheck to paycheck and relying on credit cards for necessities, only to wind up deeper in debt and shorter on hope.  Moreover, many Americans are finding that they cannot buy homes, invest for retirement, or save for their child’s college fund because of their own student loan debt, massive car payments, and general lack of financial planning.