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Earn College Credit for Working
Posted by Las Positas College On January 07, 2019

Work Experience Classes

Work Experience Classes

If You Have a Job, Internship, or Steady Volunteer Work, You Can Earn College Credit!

  • Enroll in Work Experience 94 if you have an internship or work in your major.
  • Enroll in Work Experience 95 if you have work unrelated to your major.
  • Create learning objectives you will accomplish during the semester.
  • Learn essential 21st century work skills that employers seek in job candidates.
  • Depending on the number of hours you work, you can earn up to six or eight units per semester. Students must work 75 paid hours or 60 unpaid hours per unit earned during the semester. Units are transferrable to CSU. Check with the Counseling Office for transfer information.

If You Want a Job or Internship

Register with the Las Positas College Internship & Job Board,, posted on our homepage, where you can search internships, get email alerts about positions, find tips on interviewing and résumé writing, and much more. Students already have landed internships with many top employers, including Sandia National Laboratories, RK Logistics Group, and Congressman Eric Swalwell’s office. Sign up now!

What Students Are Saying

“I got college credit for working and achieving learning objectives in my current job. My supervisor was so impressed with my improvement that she gave me a raise. What I learned in this class will help me when I pursue my dream career.”

“I feel more confident after completing my internship. Plus, I know that having job references and real work experience listed on my résumé will help me find a position in this competitive job market.”

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