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Fall 2018: RELS 3 - Introduction to Women's Spirituality
Posted by Las Positas College On July 24, 2018

Color drawing of woman sleeping

Explore World’s Religions in a New DE Format this Fall!

RELS 1: Fast Trak 1 (FT1) and Fast Trak 2(FT2) options available

RELS 1: Introduction to World Religions - 3 units

Explore the rich teachings, philosophy and beliefs that arise from our World’s Religions. Rels 1 provides an introduction to religion by examining the basic principles of the major world religions as shown through sacred writings, practices, literature, film and through the visual and creative arts.

Offered Online this Fall in both Fast Trak 1 and Fast Trak 2 options. Take advantage of this 8 week format to fulfill your degree requirements.

  • RELS 1-FT1 Online Aug. 20- Oct. 12 CRN 22652
  • RELS1 FT2 Online Oct. 15- Dec 7 CRN 23201

RELS 1 meets the following degree and transfer requirements:

  • AA/AS GE


  • CSU, UC

  • CSU GE: C2

  • IGETC: 3b

Classes Open: Register Now!

Women's Spirituality (pdf)