Assessment Center

Testing Procedures

Before the Assessment:

  1. Prepare for the Assessment using the Study Guides and downloadable app.
  2. Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled session starting time (Room 1642) to complete required check-in procedure.
  3. Bring a valid photo ID and Student ID "W" number. Students will NOT be admitted to testing without a photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. Students who need accommodations should bring their IEP to the test session.
  5. Following completion of assessment tests you will be scheduled for a Program Planning session.
  6. Students must purchase $2.00 daily campus parking permit if parking on campus. Exact change required.

During the Assessement:

  1. The follow items are not allowed during testing:
    • Phones
    • Calculators (except for Chemistry test)
    • Books, notebooks or folders
    • Food and Drink (you may bring water in a spill-proof container)
  2. Only students testing will be admitted to the Assessment Center. If you have small children, please arrange for child care. Family and friends must remain outside the Assessment Center during testing.
  3. Testing sessions are scheduled for 4 hours, students are allowed to begin testing after the start time as space becomes available.
  4. Please be respectful of other students and be quiet when entering or leaving the testing room.
  5. Pencils and scratch paper will be provided for you during the test.
  6. The English Assessment will take approximately 1.5 hours and the Math Assessment approximately 1.0 hour. You may take both tests during the same session or separate sessions.
  7. The English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment has a 1.5 hour time limit.
  8. The Chemistry Assessment has 45 minute time limit.
  9. The Spanish and French assessments will take approximately 1.0 hour.



Assessment Center

Building 1600, Room 1642

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Phone: 925.424.1475

Fax: 925.424.1402


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Page last modified: January 09, 2018