Basic Skills

Professional Development

Objective 5: Provide professional development for both English and Math faculty, improving student success in the classroom.



  • Organized professional development support to faculty
  • Researching best practices for staff development for instructors teaching English 1A
  • Collaborating with English faculty to develop high-impact interventions within the already existing writing center to support our much higher number of students now being placed directly into English 1A


  • Offered professional development support to faculty
    • Growth Mindset
    • Reading Apprenticeship
  • Hiring process has begun for a Transformations Grant Professional Development Coordinator (Closes December 1)


Basic Skills

4th Wednesdays
Location: 2411A

Michelle Gonzales
(925) 424-1218
Ashley McHale
(925) 424-1351

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Page last modified: November 30, 2016