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On this page you can find past information from the committee. When items are changed on the main webpages, the major changes are captured here as historical record. PLEASE NOTE: Information/documents may be obsolete.

Edit: "Facilitating the implementation & evaluation of Senate approved proposals" was struck from the committee's charge in 2016-17.

Committee Membership


Michelle Gonzales, Co-chair
Ashley McHale, Co-chair
Jonathan Brickman, ESL Department
Justin Garoupa, English Department
Jennie Graham, Math Department
Frances Hui, Library
Angella VenJohn, Counseling
Don Miller, Dean, ALSS
Brandon Byrne, ASLPC student representative
Rajinder Samra, Institutional Research



This academic year (2015-16), the Basic Skills Committee is considering several areas for financial support.

Our goals include:

  • Create Basic Skills program marketing materials and apparatus that will fully include and support ESL
  • Revise the implementation of multiple measures placement in English & Math
  • Continue financial Support of Math Jam and encourage full institutionalization
  • Support Student Support/Tutorial Center and encourage full institutionalization
  • Create basic skills professional development opportunities




BaSk Agenda 09/22/14

BaSk Agenda 08/25/14


BaSk Minutes 04/27/15

BaSk Minutes 03/23/15

BaSk Minutes 02/23/15

BaSk Minutes 01/26/15

BaSk Minutes 09/22/14



BaSk Agenda 04/28/14

BaSk Agenda 03/24/14

BaSk Agenda 02/24/14

BaSk Agenda 01/27/14

BaSk Agenda 11/25/13

BaSk Agenda 10/28/13

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BaSk Agenda 08/27/12

LPC Curriculum Committee Prerequisite Policy_Draft

2012 BS Reporting Master Final

BaSk Agenda 09/24/12

2012 BS Reporting Las Positas DRAFT 09/19/12


Protected_BASIC SKILLS Cohort Tracking ENGLISH

Protected_BASIC SKILLS Cohort Tracking MATH

BaSk Agenda 11/26/12

BaSk Agenda 01/28/13

Repeater Policy Language for Students - Math Department Example

BaSk Agenda 02/25/13

Please review Intitutional Project mid-term progress reports prior to meeting:


BaSk Minutes 08/27/12

BaSk suggested revisions to LPC Curriculum Committee Prerequisite Policy Draft

BaSk Minutes 09/24/12

BaSk Minutes 11/2612

BaSk Minutes 01/28/13

BaSk Minutes 02/25/13


Removed from "Resources" page 2/28/17:

Student Success Task Force

Student Success Task Force Final Recommendations (January, 2012)

SB 1456 Community Colleges: Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012 (August 24, 2012)

SB 1456 is proposed legislation that puts some of the Student Success Task Force Recommendations into law.

Legislative updates on this bill can be found at


College-Specific Resources

Learning Communities Workshop: Different Learning Community Models.(Link to videos; 9/30/09). Provided by Las Positas College Faculty. Co-sponsored by the BaSk and Staff Development.

Research on Math and English Placement Trends and Subsequent Course Enrollment (November, 2009). Provided by Drs. Machamer and Holthuis, Las Positas College Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

Research_Report_on Success_in_English_and_Math_by_Repeater (January 2010). Provided by Drs. Machamer and Holthuis, Las Positas College Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

Basic Skills Goals 2009-2010 (.doc)







  • September 8
  • September 22
  • October 13
  • October 27
  • November 10
  • December 8
  • February 9 - Teaching Roundtable
    • English/Health Learning Community: A model for inter-disciplinary integration of basic skills and GE transfer coursework.
  • February 23
  • March 9 - Teaching Roundtable
    • Faculty Inquiry: The inquiry cycle and the work of the LPC Faculty Inquiry Network (FIN) team.
  • March 23
  • April 13 - Teaching Roundtable
    • Double Bill - Embedded Counseling: Proactively inserting counseling services into academic classrooms AND Supplemental Instruction (SI): A student assistance program in which "super-tutors" lead group learning sessions for students in traditionally difficult courses.
  • April 27




Reports to Senate


Basic skills committee 2009-10 through 2011-12

During this time, the Basic Skills committee explored both what and how to fund projects that met its goals and mission to improve 1st year student completion and persistence and improve student progression through basic skills to college-level coursework. Each year, the committee made a call for proposals and chose to fund those projects which scored highest on a rubric created to rate each proposal on the criteria set by the Basic Skills Initiative and the college's goals. The activities for those years are summarized here.

Basic Skills Projects

The Basic Skills Committees supports both practitioner projects and institutional projects that have the potential to produce positive outcomes for our basic skills students.

Practitioner Projects are those proposed by faculty and/or staff.  Practitioner Projects are typically smaller in scale and shorter in duration.  The maximum amount of funding that Basic Skills will provide for these projects is $3,000.  Practitioner Projects require a Final Report to be submitted upon completion.  These projects are typically funded upon completion. Faculty and staff are welcome to submit a Project Proposal that specifically aligns with one of the Basic Skills Goals.

Institutional Projects are those proposed by administrators including Deans, VPs and the President.  Institutional Projects are larger in scale (may include multiple departments and/or a high degree of integration between Academic Services and Student Services) and longer in duration (may last 1 year or more).  These projects address systemic barriers to student success. The maximum amount of funding that Basic Skills will provide is $12,000. Institutional Projects require a Midterm Progress Report and a Final Report. Administrators are welcome to submit a Project Proposal that specifically aligns with one of the Basic Skills Goals.

Basic Skills Projects must address Basic Skills Goals:

  • Get students off to a strong start:
    • Effective orientation
    • Accurate assessment
    • Student education planning (SEPs)
    • Early placement into Math, Eng or ESL
  • Improve 1st year student completion and persistence
  • Improve student progression through basic skills to college-level coursework
  • Increase the use of disaggregated data to inform discussions and decision-making around students’ needs
  • Provide faculty and staff professional development directly related to student success, equity and access.

Basic Skills Project Proposal (*updated for 2012-2013):

Past Projects

Institutional projects that have been implemented and/or funded through basic skills in the past include: embedded counseling, learning communities, tutorial services, supplemental instruction, and professional development opportunities. A number of exciting practitioner projects have been funded as well. Go to the Past Projects link to learn more about these past projects.

Past Projects

The Basic Skills Committee has funded both Institutional Projects and Practitioner Projects over the past few years. Below are links to information/reports regarding some of these projects.

Institutional Projects

Institutional projects that have been implemented and/or funded through basic skills include: embedded counseling, learning communities, tutorial services and supplemental instruction, assessment website updates, and professional development opportunities.

Embedded Counseling

Learning Communities

Tutorial Services and Supplemental Instruction

Professional Development

Institutional Expectations for Learning Communities

Practitioner Projects

A variety of Practitioner Projects are funded each year. A few of projects include: ESL in the ILC, Creating Collaborative and Holistic Writing Center Projects, Reading and Writing (RAW) Videos, Poetry for Basic Skills Students, Contextualized Math for Early Childhood Development Students. Click on the link to read about these exciting projects!

Exciting Practitioner Projects


2008-2009 and 2007-2008 Learning Skills Taskforce

Basic Skills Information

Student Success Initiative

Basic Skills

4th Wednesdays
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Michelle Gonzales
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