Basic Skills

Basic Skills Committee

Basic Skills Committee (BaSk) meets the 4th Wednesday* of each month, 2:30-4:30 pm, in conference room 2411-A.

2017-18 Meeting Dates:
August 23, September 27, October 25, November 29*, January 24, February 28, April 25
*Due to holiday schedules, these meetings are on the 5th Wednesdays.


The Las Positas College Basic Skills Committee is committed to providing students with the foundation they need to succeed in higher education and the 21st Century. For many of our students, this means strengthening those basic skills in reading, writing, mathematics, learning skills, study skills, and English as a Second Language. The Basic Skills Committee believes that students continually strengthen their skills throughout their college experience and in the different disciplines. Improving basic skills requires the college to work together across departments, disciplines and services.


This academic year (2017-18), the Basic Skills Committee is considering several areas for financial support.

Our goals include:

  • Support Student Support/Tutorial Center and encourage full institutionalization
  • Support Reading and Writing (RAW) Center and encourage full institutionalization
  • Provide additional support to the Library to assist Basic Skills students
  • Support improvements to the ESL program 
  • Identify and promote professional development opportunities


Basic Skills

4th Wednesdays
Location: 2411A

Michelle Gonzales
(925) 424-1218
Ashley McHale
(925) 424-1351

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Page last modified: August 23, 2017