Basic Skills

Basic Skills Committee

Basic Skills Committee (BaSk) meets the 4th Monday of each month, 2:30-4:30 pm.


There is a new, state-mandated Repetition Policy for the Chabot-Las Positas District that is retroactive to the date a student first started taking courses within the district (at either Chabot or Las Positas).

What does this mean for students?

  • Within the district, a student is allowed to attempt a course (or courses equivalent to it) a total of THREE TIMES. If the first attempt is unsuccessful (W, D, F, or NC (No Credit)), a student has two additional attempts to complete the course with a passing grade (A, B, C or Cr (Credit)).

  • After three attempts to pass a course (or equivalent course), students will be blocked from registering for that course (or its equivalents) again at either Las Positas or Chabot College unless a special circumstance petition is approved, as described in the Administrative Rules and Procedures.

Recommended practices for all faculty in all disciplines:

  • Please inform students of new Repeatability Policy this Spring 2013 semester.
  • Add Repeatability Policy language to your future syllabi.
  • Reinforce the seriousness of each enrollment.
  • Publicize resources available to support students in their successful completion of all classes.
  • Highlight in syllabi and verbally the course specific resources available to support students in your class.

This is great opportunity to spread the word about how important every seat is in our classes.
AND a nice time to reiterate how many FREE resources LPC offers to help students be successful in ALL of our courses, not just basic skills!

Student-friendly language that faculty can “cut-and-paste” into their syllabi is provided as a word document too.

(Adapted from CLPCCD Board Policy BP4225 and Administrative Policy for Course Repetition AP 4227)

Basic Skills

2014-2015 Meetings

4th Monday of the month
Location: 2411A (in the Multidisciplinary Building)

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Page last modified: April 20, 2015