Campus Change Network

Campus Change Network

Conviction, Courage, Compassion

The Campus Change Network is currently inactive. For more information please contact the people in the right column, or the webmaster. (May 2012)


Mission Statement

Campus Change Network is dedicated to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion through dialogue, reflection and action. We will create this environment by:

  • modeling culturally competent leadership;
  • supporting and encouraging honest communication, risk-taking and openness;
  • reinforcing the principles of equity and diversity in word and deed; and,
  • being a catalyst for educating and empowering our community.

As learners on our journey towards social justice, we approach our work with conviction, courage and compassion.

Campus Change Network


Nadiyah Taylor

(925) 424-1175


Elizabeth Hopkins

(925) 424-1258

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Page last modified: April 24, 2017