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3/10 Fire Tech AS/GE Specific requirement for Chabot students is ENGL 70: "Report Writing". ENGL 7 also meets the technical writing criteria approved by the Fire Program advisory board. Students working on the AA/Fire Tech can use ENGL 4 or 7 or the second comp class from another school to satisfy the Writing and Critical Thinking (A.2.) AA/GE requirement. If you have any questions about a course be suitable for the AS/GE Specific requirement for Fire Tech, you can always use the "Course Substitution" petition and send the petition about with course description materials over to Cpt Buell for his review and approval.

For Nursing Information, please go to "Nursing" on left navigation bar.

10/07 New Chabot Chemistry 8 Course Can Substitute for Chemistry 12A and 12B at Some Transfer Schools. Check ASSIST for colleges that will accept Chabot's new course.

4/07 HUMN 72 at Chabot will be removed from CSU GE (C2-Humanities) effective Fall 2008.

3/07 FT 89 is Prerequiste for FT 90A -- Fire Academy (Church/Alvarado). Students can enroll in FT 90A if they have commpleted all the prerequistes, including FT 89 (in-progress courses are OK). Banner is blocking some students, so if the student has the proper prerequisites in progress a counselor can contact Jane Church to clear up errors in BANNER and use a override form (also OK for courses taken at another college). For the EMT certification, you will need to see their up-to-date EMT Cert Card (you can reference this as HLTH 81 on the over-ride form). A prerequisite challenge form is not needed.

Once a student registers for FT 89, Banner will allow them to register for FT 90A. If they receive an NC in FT 89 and have already enrolled in FT 90A, they will be dropped from FT 90A.

3/07 Effective Fall 2008 Chabot's ENGL 52A, 52B and 70 will be removed from the AA and AS GE patterns.
1//07 Chem. 1B No Longer Accepted for Chabot Dental Hygiene (per Ernesto Victoria) Beginning in Fall 2007, Chem 1B will not be accepted in place of Chem 30B. It used to be, but no longer. Chabot's Chem 8 (Survey of Organic Chemistry) and Chem 12A (Organic Chemistry) will be accepted in lieu of Chem 30B. But, Chem 1A will still be accepted as a substitute for Chem 30A. This info is on our DHYG web page, under DH Pre-Reqs.

2005 Chabot/LPC Catalog Rights (per John Armstrong): If a student has catalog rights at Chabot College they can carry them over to LPC for degree requirements and certification.






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