10/06 Language Other Than English (aka LOTE) For IGETC certification, UC will accept any language (other than English) even if we don't teach the language. If there is an instructor on campus that can "verify" a student has proficiency in that language, we have permission to use it on the IGETC certification. Students with proficiency in Spanish, French, Italian, or German may be referred to LPC instructor Catherine Suarez, if they do not otherwise meet the requirement. John Armstrong will certify the requirement with an official letter that demonstrates proficiency equivalent to completion of college level 1A (or, alternatively, placement into 1B or higher). For more on LOTE and links, see below.

1/25/06 Language Other Than English Clarifications (per Dawn Sheibani, UCOP) There has been some question recently regarding the UC policy for Language Other Than English (LOTE) clearing area 6A of IGETC.  The following information that was ratified by UC faculty in May 2005.

  1. Foreign language is an area of sequential knowledge.
  2. Satisfactory completion of foreign language courses which are beyond the proficiency level (6A) also satisfy area 6A.  As of Fall 2005 each foreign language course beyond 2 years of high school study displays the 6A proficiency level on the UC TCA as well.  We were unable to go back through past agreements and add the 6A level however we have instructed CCC and UC campuses to be lenient in this area for past cases.
  3. The now means that a course which is split into two parts can be taken individually and the unit value will be granted as posted on the transcript.
  4. Taking only the second half of a foreign language course validates the first half for subject credit.  Units will still be awarded as presented on the transcript.
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Page last modified: March 09, 2010