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Chabot College RN Program Guide (March 2010/pdf)

Chabot College LVN to RN Program Guide (March 2010/pdf)

California Registered Nursing Programs (includes direct web links)

Tips to Prepare for Nursing Programs

Local Community College/Evergreen Community College Nursing Prereq. Equivalency Matrix (PDF)

3/06 CSUEB Nursing Program Course Equivalency Chart (PDF)


  • Ernesto Victoria, Counselor/Health Sciences Liason, Chabot College. Questions regarding pre-reqs, application or the selection process.
    • Catherine Gentiluomo, Administrative Assistant Nursing
      (510) 723-6896 office (510) 723-7298 fax;


3/10 Chabot College Fall 2010 applicants will be notified by 4/30/2010. 

  • TEAS - Preparation Class is online Nursing 87 begins 04/12/2010 - Test is required for all nursing program students. Adjusted Individual Cut Score 67%.  TEAS test dates are on the nursing website  
  • Advanced Standing and/or LVN Application Opened 3/1/2010 closes 10/31/2010 N70/N70L Transition Class is scheduled to be held in the Fall 2010 Mandatory Orientation for LVN's is May 11th and 12th 1:00 Room 2258  
  • Generic RN application Opens 11/01/2010 closes 01/31/2011 for Fall 2011 All transcripts must be on file by 01/31/2011  
  • Nursing Course changes: Pathophsiology  Biology - P2 is will be a nursing course N88 Health Assessment Biology - P2L will be a nursing course N88L   Psych 12 can be substituted for Nursing 56 (form required) Recommended Medical Terminology course for future students.  

10/09 St. Mary's 2+2 Nursing for Transfer Students

5/09 IUON Courses. Students who graduate from any International University of Nursing (IUON) in St. Kitts partner school who want to be licensed in California can now apply directly to California or can apply for licensure by endorsement after being licensed in another state. In speaking “officially” with Bobbi Pierce, Licensing Analyst, California Board of Nursing, she has informed us that the “official position of the Board” is the IUON courses are comparable to those in programs in California.

10/08 The University of Southern Nevada - College of Nursing. The nursing education program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and has been granted provisional approval
by the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Contact or 702-968-2075. You can also visit us at

10/08 Chabot College Nursing Program. Direct students to the website for the instructions and application.  Click RN Program on the left navigation bar.   All applications and transcripts MUST be MAILED to Admission and Records. Hand-carried applications and transcripts will not be accepted. No exceptions.  

9/08 Nursing Applicants Required to Submit Instructor Letter with Grade for Fall In-Progress Courses. Along with the application, ALL (including Chabot/LPC) students taking a prerequisite course in the fall must submit a letter or email from their instructor showing the current grade for that class. Applicants (from non-district colleges) have until January 31 to submit updated official transcripts with fall semester grades.

10/07 Chabot Reviews Transcripts from the Philippines. They do not have to be evaluated by a private service. Chabot does not accept courses completed during their first year in college, so if they completed any of the pre-reqs, for either Nursing or DHYG during that first year, they will need to take it over.

1/07 BSN at University of Southern Nevada. Full time 18-month program currently no waiting list. Contact or 702-968-2075. Mable H. Smith, Dean, College of Nursing.

9/06 Chabot College Nursing Workshop Notes

5/06 Nursing Workshop (per Stephanie Foley/Nancy Cowan)

  • A 10-year study: Students who repeated Anatomy withdrew more often from the nursing program.
    • The higher the English 1A grade, the better predictor of succeeding in the program. 
  • An “A” or “B” in English 1A will offset repeating Anatomy
  • Students must read at the grade 14 level;
    • Some textbooks on par with med school.
  • Every year, Chabot draws somewhere around 18 up to 35 names.  Often the "in-district" folks whose names are pulled from the lottery, end up going somewhere else, or declining the program - thus the alternate pool.
  • Nancy was not disparaging of students who lived out of district.  Students who don't live "in district" go into the alternate pool. 
  • The Fall 2007 application will ask if the student has applied before.  The implication is that they may take this into consideration.

1/06 Nursing Application/Transcripts (per Sarilee Janger) If a student is attending Las Positas, that student does not have to submit an additional Chabot College application or LPC transcripts.

11/05 Nursing Program Highlights (per Nancy Cowan presentation/Stephanie Foley)

  • All transcripts must be on file with Chabot Nursing within 1 month of the application deadline or they won't be considered.
  • If student has a 3.0 overall GPA and a ‘B’ in English they will definitely make the cut score.
  • Chabot does look at repetition of Anatomy, but Nancy implied that a strong grade in English would override the Anatomy repeat.
  • Hospitals are now requiring all students to have a background check. A conviction does not necessarily prevent them from doing clinicals or being employed. Nursing students must take a one-time urine test.
  • Nancy emphasized the importance of being strong in math at the required level, as nurses have to make so many calculations for medication doses. They need to score 92% on the Chabot nursing tests on math calculations.
  • For the 2005 class, about 27 students got admitted from the alternate pool (which is comprised of both "in-district" and "out of district" students.)

3/06 Listserve for Nursing Program Counselors (per Nancy Cowan)

  • Nursing program counselors are welcome to join the following email group:
  • Joining this group will allow us to communicate more effectively regarding program prerequisites, common student issues, wait lists, retention, etc. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Barbara Broersma, Academic Counselor, Cuesta College, (805) 591-6241.
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