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  • Students may also send their questions regarding admission requirements and application timelines to:


10/09 Up-to-Date Admission Information at

5/09 SJSU will no longer offer Transfer Admission Agreements (TAAs) effective with the entering transfer
class of Fall 2010.
Schools that previously participated in the TAA program may request services from SJSU to help facilitate the transfer process by contacting Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR). Office Number: 408-924-2564. Campus Tours: 408-924-2785

2/09 SJSU Impaction Information

9/08 International Business Informational Flyer/Study Abroad Requirement

5/07 -- Credit By Exam Information for AP, IB, CLEP and ACT PEP can be found under the "Credit by Examination" link on the articulation website:

2/07 Nutritional Science (Dietetics Concentration) Major Requires Chem. 1A and Chem. 30B. SJSU clarified the information on ASSIST that students must take CHEM 1A and CHEM 30B; the sequence the statement refers to is the CHEM 1A/1B sequence (they aren't supposed to take CHEM 1B). Students may NOT take CHEM 1B instead of CHEM 30B.

7/06 Chabot's Psych. 12 Added to ASSIST for SJSU Nursing Prereq. (per Stephanie Foley/Rosemary Mann) SJSU requires a CHAD 67 (same as HUP 67) for their Nursing pre-reqs. Rosemary stated that this requirement HAD to be fulfilled in order to apply to the Nursing program at SJSU.

1/06: Nursing FAQ (per Rosemary Mann, the undergraduate advisor in the School of Nursing, 408-924-3156, )

  • We do not have a waiting list.  Each semester the applicant pool starts all over again.  Unsuccessful applicants from previous semesters can choose to roll their application over to the current semester but they have the same standing as anyone else. No extra credit for applying in the past.
  • Applicants for the accelerated program have an option to be in the basic program if they change their minds about the fast track. 
  • We have one application cycle.  Both basic and accelerated candidates are in the same pool. 
  • Candidates with high enough GPAs are offered the option of the accelerated program and, if they decline, then they are in the basic program automatically.
  • TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE, THE ACCELERATED PROGRAM IS NOT EXPANDING AND WE ARE NOT HAVING FALL AND SPRING STARTS. We do have some outside funding and are able to take extra students in the basic program for both fall and spring for the next five semesters but this is not the accelerated curriculum.
  • We had 160 completed qualified applicants in the last cycle and the pool has been growing at the rate of about 50 more applicants each semester.  I am guessing that this growth will continue for the next several semesters and that we will ultimately hit a plateau of about 250-300 applicants in each cycle.



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Page last modified: March 30, 2010