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Instructional Program Review

Program Review

Welcome to the Program Review webpage, maintained by the Program Review Committee (PRC).

The Annual Program Reviews for 2011-12 which were submitted in fall of 2013 have been published to the web. Click here to view the Annual Program Reviews.

Annual Program Review

The Annual Program Review Template and information needed for writing the Annual Program Review are posted below. All programs in Academic Services and Student Services will be participating in an Annual Program Review of the academic year 2011-2012.

Annual Program Review Template - click here to download the template. Save the file to your computer using a program specific filename (e.g., BioAPR1112, PscnAPR1112). You must have Microsoft Word 2007™ or 2010™ to use this template.

Example Template (pdf) - click here to view an Annual Program Review with examples showing how different programs might complete various sections in the template.

Need help completing the SLO portion of the template? Click here for step-by-step instructions, courtesy of Scott Vigallon.

Annual Program Review Evaluation Form - to be used by Deans for providing content and technical feedback to writers. Click here to view the form.

Annual Program Review Data
- data for the Annual Program Review can be found on the Program Review page of the Office of Institutional Research. Contact Rajinder Samra should you have questions about the Program Review data.

Glossary - click here for a glossary of commonly used terms

Important dates for the Annual Program Review of AY 2011-2012

Time Table
September 27, 2013 Annual Program Review submitted to appropriate Dean for content and technical review.
Sept. 28 - Oct. 31, 2013 Deans provide feedback to writers.  The Annual Program Review is revised if needed.
November 1, 2013 Final draft of Annual Program Review is submitted to BlackBoard.
Nov. 1- Dec. 10, 2013 Program Review committee reads all Annual Program Reviews with the goal of summarizing trends and providing input to the Planning Committee.
Jan. 21- Feb. 11, 2014 PRC collaborates with Deans to write Division summaries.
February 19, 2014 Division summaries are discussed in February Division Meeting

Please feel free to contact the Program Review Committee Co-Chairs Jill Carbone and Teri Henson should you have any questions.

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Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee is a subcommittee of the Las Positas College Academic Senate.


The Program Review Committee promotes an effective and meaningful process with clear links to institutional planning and resource allocation.


The Academic Senate of Las Positas College charges the Program Review Committee to:

  • Create, evaluate, and modify (as needed) the forms and processes for Program Review
  • Mentor program review writers through a peer review process
  • Work collaboratively with administration, appropriate committees, and other College constituencies on the integration of program review into planning and resource allocation processes

Committee Documents

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Program Review Co-Chairs

Teri Henson

Jill Carbone

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Page last modified: August 20, 2013