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                Bye, Bye Blackboard

Remember, Blackboard will not be used after the spring semester. It will be available until June 30, so make sure to download and save any materials you want. It is critical that you download your grades, and save them in a safe place.
Christina Lee presenting with Bill Komanetsky in the background

Distance Education Legal Requirements

Christina Lee, Bill Komanetsky, and Scott Vigallon representing the  Distance Education Committee, presented at the March 7 LPC town meeting about meeting legal requirements in Distance Ed. The four areas covered were Instructor-Student Interaction, Web Accessibility, Copyright, and FERPA. The first area only pertains to those teaching online and hybrid courses, while the other three pertain to everyone using Canvas or Blackboard.

You can watch the entire presentation below.
Jeff Zolfarelli, Rob Campbell, Marcelo Sanchez Heredia

The Mad Hatters of the OCDP

It was a bad hair day for the spring semester participants of the Online Learning Development Program. Therefore, hats were in order  for adjunct instructors--above, left to right--Jeff Zolfarelli (Fire Service Technology), Rob Campbell (Geology), and Marcelo Sanchez Heredia (Psychology Counseling). The three are learning how to design, develop, and teach an online course using Canvas.

Accessibility logoAccessibility Tip: Decorative Image

When a user clicks the Embed Images icon in Canvas' Rich Content Editor, and selects an image source, the Attributes section displays a decorative image checkbox. This indicates the image is for decorative purposes. Decorative images do not require alternative text. If the Decorative Image checkbox is selected, the alternative text field is grayed out. Decorative images and alt text can be applied when embedding any image type: URL, Canvas (previous uploads), and Flickr.

                         Decorative Image Checkbox

If you need one-on-one help with web accessibility, you can make an appointment with LPC's Instructional Technology Specialist Wanda Butterly, aka The Wizard of Accessibility. Known for her Magic Wand(a), she can help you ensure that all of your Canvas materials are accessible to all of your students.
                                                                  Wanda Butterly, the Wizard of Accessibility

  Canvas logoCanvas: Verifying Quiz Attempts

If you want to verify a student's claims that he took an exam when Canvas shows that he never attempted it, go to the test, then hit Moderate Quiz. Canvas shows all of the students in the class. Those who hit Start Quiz will have their names linked, and once you click a link, there’s another link called View Log. That log will show everything the student did (or didn't do) with the exam. Because Canvas is in a cloud environment, all actions are recorded once the student hits the Start Quiz button.

                         Test log screenshot

Las Positas College logoFlex Day Workshops Offered

Please join us for one or both of our Online Learning workshops on Flex Day, April 3. Using the OEI Online Course Design Rubric to Meet Accreditation Standards will be held from 10-11:50 a.m. in Room 2410. Making your Canvas Course Site ADA-Compliant will take place from 1-2:50 p.m. in Room 2412. No advanced registration is necessary.

Using the OEI Online Course Design Rubric to Meet Accreditation Standards

The Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric, endorsed by the LPC Academic Senate, establishes standards of a quality online course. If your course meets those standards, it will meet accreditation requirements. In this workshop, you will learn how to apply the rubric to your course in order to make your course the best it can be. The rubric's sections covered will be Content Presentation and Assessment, but the workshop will focus on Interaction, making sure you meet the requirement of regular, effective contact. It will not cover the web accessibility sections of the OEI rubric; those will be covered in an afternoon workshop today called Making your Canvas course site ADA-compliant.

The LPC Model Course, which was created based on the rubric's standards, will be presented. The Model Course can be used in your online course as a template to follow while building the rest of your course.

Making your Canvas Course Site ADA-Compliant

Whether you teach an online course, a hybrid course, or simply enhance your face-to-face course with online materials, you are bound by state and federal regulations to make your sites accessible to students with disabilities. This hands-on workshop will focus on ADA-compliance within Canvas. You will learn the basics of web accessibility, along with techniques to use in Canvas and techniques to make Word and PowerPoint files accessible. The workshop will follow the Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric sections on web accessibility.  
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