Online Learning, Las Positas College, September 2018 Volume 1, Number 4
Video of DE teachers discussing the OEI course review
Distance Ed instructors make their cases for DE instructors to submit their courses to the California Virtual Camps-Online Education Initiative's Course Design Academy...with a bit of frivolity involved. Click the Play button above to watch.
LPC OEI Implementation team meeting

OEI Implementation Kickoff Meeting

As mentioned on College Day, Aug. 17, one of Interim President Roanna Bennie's priorities for the year is the implementation of the CVC-OEI at LPC. Later that day, the college held its kickoff meeting with 15 team members present. Additionally, 6 non-team members participated. LPC was selected last spring into the CVC-OEI's 2018 Online Equity Cohort. 
Interview with Katie Coleman, LPC's 2017-18 online student of the year
Click the Play button above to watch a short interview with Katie Coleman, LPC's 2017-18 online student of the year. The interview includes a special appearance by her lively, 3-year-old daughter.
OCDP participants

Fall OCDP Underway

LPC is prepping to offer online classes in French and Communication Studies in the near future. This semester, French instructor Savanna Alliband-McGrew, along with speech instructors Tim Heisler and Jim Dobson, are participating in the Online Course Development Program. The OCDP meets once a week for two hours and trains instructors on how to design, develop, and teach quality online courses.                                                                       
Kat King 
Special mention goes to adjunct English instructor Kathleen King, who completed the online version of the OCDP during the summer. Way to go, Kat!

  Accessibility logo         
Caption Video with 3C Media

As you know, all video that you post online needs to be close captioned. This includes video created by someone else, as well as video created by you. The easiest, most efficient way to caption instructor-created videos is to post them to 3C Media Solutions. 3C Media was created for the CCC community, and among other things, allows you to post your videos and get them professionally captioned.

                                            3C Media Solutions

All you need to do is go to the 3C Media web site and set up an account. From there, you can post your videos, request captioning, and the captioning will be done within 48 hours. You can then either copy the link to insert the video into Canvas or copy the embed code to embed the video into Canvas.
Alternatively, you can use the 3C Media app already integrated into Canvas. The app makes it even easier to upload videos, request captioning, and embed them into your classes. Read the 3C Media instructor guide for the Canvas app.                       

If you need one-on-one help with web accessibility, you can make an appointment with LPC's Instructional Technology Specialist Wanda Butterly, aka The Wizard of Accessibility. Known for her Magic Wand(a), she can help you ensure that all of your Canvas materials are accessible to all of your students.

                                                                  Wanda Butterly, the Wizard of Accessibility

  Canvas logoCanvas Workshops, Tips

Faculty and staff can sign up for Canvas workshops or appointments by going to the Professional Development site's Workshops page. For the Fall semester, one-on-one appointments can still be made by emailing Vicky Austin, LPC's Canvas faculty mentor-trainer. 

If you would like to find your own answers to Canvas questions, you can either click the Help link in the global navigation menu in Canvas or go to the Faculty Notes & Tips page on the LPC Online Learning web site. On the Faculty Notes & Tips page, you'll see all kinds of useful nuggets like the one below:

"If you have a link to a file within the Rich Content Editor, do not copy that link and paste it into a new course. The text will be copied, but the link will point to the course you copied from, and students in your new course will not be able to access it. If you insist on copying a link to a file from within the Rich Content Editor, you will need to upload that file into your new course and re-link that file."
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