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Each LPC Club will be assigned an account number once the Club has been approved and all required paperwork has been submitted.  It is mandatory that the Club President and the Club Treasurer receive training on Club procedures.  ICC funds will not be made available to the Club until it has demonstrated knowledgeable about the LPC Club Procedures by completing the On-Line Training Verification and submitted the required paperwork for the semester. Existing Clubs are required to complete this same training every Fall semester.  New Clubs are required to complete training before they can receive club funds. If necessary, Clubs can be temporarily suspended by the Director of Student Life if they do not follow Club procedures.

Account numbers are required on all Disbursement Requests and Deposit slips.  Account numbers are made up of three components:

            FUND             +          ORG                +          ACCT

The FUND and ORG are unique for each club.  The ACCT number will change depending upon the item being purchased or whether a deposit is being made.  For example,

Journalism Club:       903307 - 39330 - 4041 (Social Activities, Fall)

                                    903307 - 39330 - 4301 (Office Supplies)

AGS:                           903301 - 39330 - 4301 (Office Supplies)

                                    903301 - 39330 - 4060 (Graduation)

                                    903301 - 39330 - 8890 (Deposit)


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Student Clubs

William Garcia
Vice President, Student Services

Nessa Julian, Ed.D
Director, Student Equity and Success

Jasleen Gill
ICC Chairperson

Jacquelyn Velles
ICC Secretary

Mateo García
ICC Parliamentarian

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017