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Any club may choose to use some or all of their club funds for scholarships for their members. There are certain procedures and timetables that must be followed. Below is a guideline for awarding club scholarships. PLEASE NOTE: Club scholarships are different from both the outside scholarships through the Financial Aid office and the ASLPC-funded department scholarships.

Task 1: Discuss Scholarships -- How many? What amount? Criteria? If the club plans to continue the scholarships, be sure to include them in next year's budget.

Task 2: Approve number of scholarships, amount, and criteria in club meeting. Submit a copy of this to the Office of Student Life.

Task 3: Solicit applications from members and establish a Selection Review Committee.

Task 4: Review applications and select recipients.

Task 5: Submit names to Director of Student Life for verification. Include the name of the recipient, their "W" number, the Club name, the Scholarship name, and the amount of the scholarships.

Task 6: Submit Requests for Disbursement to the Director of Student Life. Provide the student name, "W" number, and student's address on the disbursement.

Task 7: Plan to present scholarships, certificates, etc., to the recipients, or arrange for the checks to be mailed.

Task 8: If desired, plan an awards/end-of-year ceremony for your Club.

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