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Club Day Competition Guidelines


ICC frequently awards prizes to the three “best” clubs on Club Day.  The competition guidelines for Club Day are as follows:

The Club Day Competition is open to all clubs who wish to participate.  The top three candidates of the competitions will win cash prizes that will be deposited directly into their Club account.  These candidates are selected by official competition judges appointed by the ASLPC.

The competition can only take place if the following guidelines are met:


    1. Each Club must show some representation of the theme, determined by the ICC, at their table throughout the entirety of the event.
    2. Each club must promote their club by attracting the student body with games, activities, and/or giveaways.
    3. Each club must have a sign-up list with which passing students may inquire more information and/or club updates.
    4. Each club must submit their sign-up list for review by the judges upon request, in order to determine how much interest the club generated throughout the event.


  1. No judge can be a member of any club.
  2. There must be a closed deliberation among the non-club member competition judges after the event’s completion for full analysis of the competing clubs and determination of the winners.

These guidelines have been discussed and approved by the ICC on December 4, 2009.  Any updates or changes must be voted in with 2/3 majority during any scheduled ICC meeting.


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