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Equipment Requirements


Clubs can request the use of college-owned equipment, such as podiums, projectors, sound system, etc., by discussing their needs with the Club Advisor and completing the Facility Request form.  Please note that students may not operate college equipment.  Club Advisors are responsible for all equipment used.  Charges for services may apply depending upon day/time/size of event.  Rental of equipment not owned and operated by the college requires approval from the Office of Student Life.  Requests must be submitted 3-4 weeks in advance.

Please note that Clubs are not allowed to contact LPC Maintenance & Operations or ITT directly to request tables, chairs, microphones, sound systems, etc. All requests must go through the Office of Student Life.


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Student Clubs

William Garcia
Vice President, Student Services

Nessa Julian, Ed.D
Director, Student Equity and Success

Jasleen Gill
ICC Chairperson

Jacquelyn Velles
ICC Secretary

Mateo García
ICC Parliamentarian

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017