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Requesting a Facility for Club Meetings & Events


The Facility Request form is used to request LPC facilities and/or equipment.  This form can be found on the "Club Forms" web site under Student Clubs and can be filled out on-line and then printed.

Clubs should detail the activity indicating the purpose, registration or admission fee, estimated number of attendees, etc.  Indicate the dates and times the facility is required, allowing time for setup and cleanup.  If equipment is required, specify the type on this form.  If necessary, use the back of the request form or attach additional details for layout of tables, chairs, podium, etc.  Obtain the Club Advisor’s signature and submit this form to the Director of Student Life.  The event is confirmed when the Student Life Assistant e-mails a confirmation to the Club Advisor and Club Requester. Please include the e-mail of the Club Requester on the Facility Request.

Click Here for the Facility Request Form


Clubs are encouraged to use the conference room in the new Office of Student Life, Building 1643. To reserve this room, please contact the Student Life Assistant.


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Page last modified: April 25, 2017