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Advertising Club Meetings and Events

Clubs are encouraged to advertise their Club meetings and events. It's a great way to recruit new members. Clubs are welcome to talk with the college newspaper, LPC Express, and the radio station, KLPC.  Students may also ask instructors to announce their activities during class time. 

  • Students are NOT allowed to send out e-mails to LPC faculty/staff about Club events; however, Club Advisors may use their own discretion regarding e-mails.


  • Students are NOT allowed to contact the offices of the LPC President, Administrative Services, or Student Services in an attempt to advertise or organize Club events (including advertising on the LPC web site home page).






All campus flyers must contain the college name or initials (LPC) as well as the Club’s name and must be approved by the Club Advisor and Director of Student Life (DSL) before being posted.  The original must be approved by the Director of Student Life before copies are made. The Director of Student Life WILL NOT stamp multiple copies of the same flyer. If there is no “Approved, Remove by (date), DSL initials” stamp on the flyer, it will be removed and recycled.  All flyers will be stamped with the removal date of two weeks from posting; exceptions may be made by the Director of Student Life. 

Clubs may not post flyers for an event until the Club Advisor receives a confirmed Club Request for Use of Facilities, Equipment & Support form via e-mail from the Student Life Assistant.  The size of all flyers is limited to 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" (print two flyers on an 8-1/2 x 11”).  The College screens for culturally sensitive material.  If the Club is unsure, discuss this with the Club Advisor or Director of Student Life.  If a Club would like a flyer distributed to faculty mailboxes, the Club must receive approval from the Director of Student Life and provide the Office of Student Life with 300 copies after the flyer is stamped by the Director of Student Life. 


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Student Clubs

Scott Miner
Director of Student Life


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Page last modified: January 13, 2015