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How to Get Approval for Fund Raising


Clubs are required to obtain approval before holding any fund raising activity.  The Fund Raising Proposal form is used for this approval and can be found on the "Club Forms" web site under Student Clubs and can be filled out on-line and then printed.

Indicate the type of fund raising (please be specific), dates and times, the Club Advisor in attendance, what the activities involve and how the activity represents the Club’s mission.  Obtain the Club Advisor’s signature and then submit this form to the Director of Student Life for approval.  (PLEASE NOTE:  Clubs are not allowed to sell raffle tickets or have a 50/50 fundraiser. A 50/50 fundraiser is where a Club sells raffle tickets and 50% of the money is kept by the club and 50% of the money is awarded to the raffle winner.) 


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Page last modified: April 25, 2017