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In addition to the funds received each semester from ICC, fund raising is an excellent way for a Club to earn money.   Clubs have had bake sales, plant sales, sold t-shirts, requested donations, sold ice cream, etc., to raise money.  Before any fund raising can occur, a Club must submit a Fund Raising Proposal to ICC to the Director of Student Life outlining the fund raising event.  The Fund Raising Proposal to ICC form can be found on the "Club Forms" web site under Student Clubs and can be filled out on-line and then printed. In addition, a Facility Request must be completed no later than 1 week prior to the event and submitted to the Director of Student Life.

ICC may match up to $500 each semester of money that Clubs have raised through fund raising.  Please note that money collected by Clubs for a charity are not considered "Club fund raising" and will not be matched by ICC.

If a Club desires to sell items, it must be detailed in the Fund Raising Proposal.  Clubs should refrain from selling products that are sold in the Bookstore and/or the Cafeteria with the exception of food and beverages.  The College discourages competitive selling of the same item(s).  Should there be more than one activity/event planned, the ASLPC Director of Events and the Director of Student Life will work with the respective Clubs to reach an agreement.  Money collected in the form of a check needs to be payable to “LPC” and the Club Name.  Please do not endorse the back of the check.  PLEASE NOTE:  Clubs are not allowed to sell raffle tickets or have a 50/50 fundraiser. (A 50/50 fundraiser is where a Club sells raffle tickets and 50% of the money is kept by the club and 50% of the money is awarded to the raffle winner.) 

Money collected or raised during an event on campus must never be taken off-site, left in a desk drawer, left in the trunk of a car, or left unsecured in any way. 

Please note that if a Club raises money for a “cause,” such as the Leukemia Society, American Breast Cancer Awareness, etc., checks should be written directly to the organization and not the club.    

NOTE: Clubs will NOT receive matching funds if they have not submitted a Fund Raising Proposal Form and a Facility Request form.


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