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Inter-Club Council (ICC) meetings are held approximately every two weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters. The ICC is the representative body that coordinates inter-club activities, funds clubs, and promotes communication and cooperation between campus clubs. The ICC represents cultural, education, honorary, philanthropic, and social interests.

The ICC is comprised of a voting representative from each club, and as such, one officer from each Club must attend all regularly scheduled ICC meetings.  The representatives from each Club make up the Inter-Club Council (ICC).  Without representatives, the ICC cannot function and Clubs cannot be funded.  If a representative from your Club is not in attendance at the ICC meetings, then your Club will receive an unexcused absence for that meeting. 

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Clubs may be declared inactive following two unexcused absences per semester as outlined in the ICC Constitution, Article V, Section I.  If your Club does not want to receive an unexcused absence for a meeting, please contact the ICC Chair prior to the meeting at (925) 424-1490.  Please leave a message stating your Club’s name, your name, the reason for the absence, and a phone number or email address where you can be reached if any questions arise.  Additionally, please try to send another Club delegate.

ICC Representatives are required to submit a written report at every ICC meeting using the using the Club Report form.  If the ICC Representative attends the ICC meeting but does not submit a Club Report, the Club will be considered absent.  The Club Report is a good tool for communicating upcoming events that can be posted on the Club web site by the Student Life Assistant.  The Club Report is also a tool for providing feedback about the meeting or requesting future agenda items to the ICC Chair.

Please remember that the position of an ICC representative is extremely important in that it is the liaison between the governing student body and the student Clubs.  It is imperative that representatives keep Club members and Club Advisors informed of the content of ICC meetings.  Please use the “Talking Points” section of the ICC/Student Club web site to keep your Club informed about important ICC information.   ICC representatives should also make informed decisions when voting at ICC meetings.  If possible, issues should be discussed with the Club before voting.  If not, representatives should vote with the interests of the Club in mind.         


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William Garcia
Vice President, Student Services

Nessa Julian, Ed.D
Director, Student Equity and Success

Jasleen Gill
ICC Chairperson

Jacquelyn Velles
ICC Secretary

Mateo García
ICC Parliamentarian

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