Student Clubs

Posting Procedures


Clubs are allowed to post approved flyers on any of the 25 college bulletin boards with push pins.   

  • Please do not use staples, because:

    • They snag other people's fingers when cleaning the bulletin boards,

    • Tear the backing paper when removing poster, and

    • Make big holes in the cork board underneath sometimes.

  • Only use pushpins - that way posters can be shifted around to accomodate new posters.

    • Take your push pins around with you!  If pins are needed, ask Sharon Gach in Bldg. 100 (she will provide from a special fund)

  • Do not cover other people's posters!

    • If there is no room for your new poster, you may shift others a bit and make room for yours at the outside edge.

    • If you need to overlap 1/4" and share pushpins with other posters, that is OK.

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Student Clubs

Scott Miner
Director of Student Life


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Page last modified: July 09, 2013