Student Clubs

Recruiting Techniques


The goal of student activities is to involve as many students as possible in meaningful extra/co-curricular activities and events that enhance their educational experience.

I.        Ways to Make Club Days Successful

    • Hold the event outside;
    • Hold it in a high-traffic area;
    • Give students a map of the club fair layout;
    • Play music;
    • Have give-aways and prizes (instead of food or in addition to food if they visit every table).

II.        Conducting a Successful Recruitment Table             Image4 Be Proactive!!

    • No chairs; don’t visit each other;
    • Show off your club (scrapbook or tri-board);
    • Wear proper attire (club t-shirts);
    • Have at least three people work the table (1 out front, 2 behind the table).

III.       Elements of a Successful Table

    • Sign-up sheet containing:
      • Student name;
      • Year in school;
      • Telephone number;
      • E-mail address.
    • Pens – make it easy for students to sign up;
    • Create an informational brochure or flyer;

      It should contain the following:

      • Description of the organization;
      • List of club activities;
      • List of typical members;
      • List of chapters in the state or region;
      • List of contacts within the organization (including the advisor);
      • Web site address;
      • Meeting day, time, and place.
    • Put up club banner or flag (gives credibility);
    • Candy;
    • Use music to draw students to your table (if no main music);
    • Have a take-away (pencils, stickers, etc.).

IV.       Follow up on the Recruitment Table

    • Everyone who signed up should receive an e-mail that same night (no later than the next night); if e-mail bounces back, call them;
    • Invite them to the informational meeting (within 7-10 days);
    • Before information meeting, call (don’t e-mail) to remind of meeting date, time, place and to invite them to attend.

V.        The Informational Meeting

Campus organizations that show a real interest in obtaining a student’s involvement are better poised to get them as a member.

VI.       Tips for a Successful Informational Meeting

    • Greet all attendees at the door (give them a name tag, pair them with a returning member);
    • All officers, advisors, and members introduce themselves;
    • Have an ice-breaker to get people mingling;
    • Discuss activities of the club;
    • Share history, information, and club affiliations;
    • Describe dues and financial obligations, what the money goes for, and membership benefits;
    • Get contact and background information.  (All sources of contact: school phone, home phone, cell phone, pager number, fax number, all email addresses, personal website address, school mailing address, home mailing address, and AOL Instant Messenger names.  Get high school and community activities.)
    • Food.

VII.     Two Final Ideas

  • Be creative in making contact;
  • Think outside of the box.

Please be aware that you are not allowed to target or harass students with your personal views.

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