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Requesting a Reimbursement


Each Club is eligible to request reimbursement for expenses related to club activities if the Club has agreed on the expense and all of the required paperwork is submitted with the required signatures.

The Disbursement Request forms are used to disburse money from a club account.  The Disbursement Request is a form that can be filled out on-line and can be found under Club Forms. The following three items must be submitted TOGETHER: 1) Disbursement Request, 2) Club Authorization to Spend Funds*, and 3) original receipts or invoices. If these items are not submitted together, it will D-E-L-A-Y the reimbursement.

*NOTE REGARDING THE CLUB AUTHORIZATION TO SPEND FUNDS FORM: The purpose of the Club Authorization to Spend Funds form is to document that the Club has agreed to the club-related expense. The form needs to indicate the name of the person making the motion, the name of the person seconding the motion, what the money will be used for, the amount of money approved for the purchase, and the results of the vote on the expense (number of club members supporting, opposing, and abstaining the vote). If the amount of the expense is $600 or greater, a "Roll Call" vote must be conducted, documenting the name of each member voting on the expense and how they voted. The Club Authorization to Spend Funds form must be signed by the Club Advisor.

Key points to remember:

1. Only club-related expenses can be reimbursed.

2. Reimbursements are not allowed for alcohol, tobacco, or tips/gratuities.

3. If the Disbursement is being made to a vendor, the vendor name, address, and tax ID are required.

4. If the Disbursement is being made to an LPC student, their W# is required.

5. Clubs must provide a complete Fund-Org-Account Number from which to disburse.

6. Please describe in detail what the purchase is for under “Event Name and/or Product.”

7. The following signatures are required on this form:

    • Authorized Club Officer
    • Club Advisor
    • Director of Student Life

Disbursement Requests must be submitted to the Director of Student Life within thirty (30) days of the event that is related to the reimbursement.  Please be aware that there is a processing period of at least ten (10) college days and during the Winter and Spring Breaks, the processing period is extended to thirty (30) days once the request is received by Administrative Services.


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