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How to Get an Advance


Each Club is eligible to request advances for expenses related to club activities if the Club has agreed on the expense and all of the required paperwork is submitted with the required signatures.

The Disbursement Request forms are used to advance money from a club account.  The following two items must be submitted TOGETHER to receive an advance: 1) Disbursement Request and 2) Club Authorization to Spend Funds. If either of these items are not submitted together, it will D-E-L-A-Y the reimbursement.

Key points to remember for Advances:

  • Clubs must have existing funds in their account prior to requesting an advance.
  • Advances can only be made to Club Advisors and must be requested a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
  • Advances must be reconciled directly with Administrative Services within 10 days of the event or within 10 days of the need for the advance. Clubs must take receipts and remaining money directly to Administrative Services to reconcile and close the advance. The Office of Student Life does not reconcile Club advances.
  • Clubs must provide a complete Fund-Org-Account Number from which to advance money.
  • Please describe in detail the intent of the advance under “Event Name and/or Product.”
  • Advances must be for Club-related expenses and may not be used for tips/ gratuities, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • The following signatures are required on this form:
    • Authorized Club Officer
    • Club Advisor
    • Director of Student Life

The college reserves the right to freeze a club’s account should an advance not be reconciled.  When an account is frozen, no money will be disbursed. 


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