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Role of Club Advisors


Club Advisor Responsibilities

  • Be a resource and offer guidance to students to facilitate Club achievement by assisting in planning for the year’s activities and conducting meetings with proper procedures and planning.
  • Help students understand and follow appropriate college policies governing student activities.  Ensure that all reasonable steps are taken considering the safety and welfare of Club members.
  • Supervise Club budget and oversee all financial records, including, but not limited to:
    • Reviewing for completeness and signing all college forms and documents before distribution.
    • Making sure necessary back-up documentation, including original receipts for expenses, is attached to forms or documents and submitted within required time.
    • Receiving necessary training on college accounting procedures practiced by the Club President and/or Treasurer and ensuring that the Club is keeping accurate records.
  • Attend all meetings and activities of the Club, on- or off-campus, from the time the students arrive until the end of the activity.  If unable to attend a meeting or activity, assist students in finding a back-up Advisor.
  • Provide guidance and mentoring to Club members to achieve a worthwhile program and in fulfilling their general objectives and goals including being a student leader.
  • Strive to maintain proper conduct and action of the group for which you are responsible.  Be inspirational and constructive while providing a climate for student-leadership to develop.
  • Receive training from Office of Student Life on college procedures including scheduling activities and events and college accounting practices.


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Student Clubs

Scott Miner
Director of Student Life


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Page last modified: July 19, 2012