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Clubs are eligible to receive funds for the Fall and Spring semesters based on the amount of funding the ICC has received from the Student Activity Fees and the amount approved by the Student Senate.  As these are college fees, the money must be administered within a college Associated Study Body (ASB) account only.  Clubs are not allowed to establish a bank account with any banking institution. 


Spending Guidelines

Club funds should be used to benefit all club members or LPC students. Funds should not be used to benefit individual students. Cash, gift cards, or other tools that have monetary value cannot be used for prizes, raffles, or awards of any type. Donations to non-profit organizations may be made only when funds have been raised specifically for that organization.

Clubs must be conscientious and responsible with club funds as the monies are received from the Student Activity Fees paid by each LPC student as indicated above. Clubs have an obligation to discuss the following questions when deciding on expenditures:

  • How will the expenditure benefit the Club?
  • Will the expenditure be used to promote the general welfare, morale, and education experience of the students?
  • Will students who are not Club members benefit from the expenditure?

Many clubs use funds to promote club activities, sponsor guest speakers, attend conferences, make donations to non-profit organizations, etc.  While each club is unique and has its own mission, the Office of Student Life has observed that the Clubs all have at least one common goal -- to make a difference -- whether that be to an LPC student, to the college, to the community, or even to the world.  Club members have spent countless hours fund raising to make donations to Hurricane Sandy, March of Dimes, Cantabella Children’s Chorus, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, American Institute for Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Awareness, St. Michael Parish Music Ministry, LPC’s Fire Service Technology Program, 911 Anniversary fund, and CalWORKS. 

The Office of Student Life challenges each and every LPC Club, when deciding on how to use Club funds, to continue to focus on the goal of making a difference.

Clubs are not allowed to purchase alcohol or tobacco with club funds nor are they allowed to use them for tips/gratuities. It is strongly advised not to spend club funds regularly for food or refreshments at standard club meetings. Club expenditures must benefit a group of students rather than individuals.

Club funds must be managed through an LPC ASB (Associated Student Body) account. Club funds obtained through fund raising or donations (including bake sales, T-shirt sales, event performance ticket sales, etc.) must be deposited directly into the Club's ASB account PRIOR to disbursing any funds to related expenses. Clubs must have funds in their account prior to submitting requests for reimbursements or advances. Club Balance Sheets are sent to Club Advisors monthly by LPC Administrative Services. Club balances can also be obtained from the Student Life Assistant.

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