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Full-Steam Ahead with HyFlex Learning

   HyFlex summer trainees       Scott delivering HyFlex training

So what if you just spent two weeks on the French Riviera or took a river cruise on the Amazon or even lounged on a tropical beach with a Mai-Tai in hand. Those vacations pale in comparison to the enjoyment experienced by the 25 LPC instructors who participated in HyFlex training this summer.

OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but just look at those smiling faces above on the left. And they were happy despite being trained by the serious-looking guy above on the right. Perhaps the instructors being told to smile for a picture had something to do with that, but nonetheless, they learned how to teach in this increasingly popular modality that combines on-campus and online instruction, while giving students choices on how they want to participate.

The summer faculty training group was the third cohort to complete the training. In fall 2021, 20 instructors completed it, while in spring 2022, another 33 completed it. Learn more about HyFlex training.

HyFlex graphic

Students give HyFlex Classes a big 👍

With LPC's first HyFlex courses being taught in spring 2022, the obvious question is...well, how did it go? And who better to answer that question than our students?

Of the 106 students who participated in the HyFlex Student Survey-Spring 2022, 88% indicated that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their HyFlex class. Additionally, 92% indicated that they would take another HyFlex class at LPC.

When asked to compare learning in HyFlex classes against learning in comparable on-campus, synchronous, and asynchronous classes, students indicated the following:

  • 62% learned about the same, and 21% learned more in HyFlex than on campus.
  • 56% learned about the same, and 38% learned more in HyFlex than synchronous online.
  • 33% learned about the same, and 63% learned more in HyFlex than asynchronous online.

Here's a quote from an actual HyFlex student:

“I really enjoyed having the option of deciding between attending the class in person or doing the work online. It is extremely helpful when something unexpected comes up. Overall, it's a great format that I would choose again.”

View complete survey results.

Twenty-four HyFlex sections were offered in spring 2022. So far, 38 HyFlex classes are being offered in fall 2022. 


Slight Changes have Zoomed to LPC

If you don't already know, the CLPCCD has undergone some changes recently with Zoom. On August 5, the state turned over administration of Zoom to our district. So what does that mean for you? Well, it depends on what your role is at the college.

If you're an instructor, you now have a TechConnect Zoom link in the Canvas course menu that has replaced the ConferZoom link, and the interface for creating meetings and enabling/disabling settings has been updated. Instructors and non-instructors alike can use TechConnect Zoom outside of Canvas by logging in at At some point, is supposed to change to

If instructors want to set up appointments in Canvas for students to book, they can use Tech Connect Zoom's Student Connect tool. This tool will not show up in the course menu by default; you have to enable it by going to Settings - Course Navigation. To learn how to use Student Connect, see the Canvas Student Connect Booking Guide.

For more information, check out the TechConnect Zoom web page on the Online Learning site.

POCR Receives Updated Certification

Over the summer, LPC's Peer Online Course Review, or POCR, program was named a certified Local POCR college through the California Virtual Campus (CVC). This honor was given based on the quality of course reviews conducted by our team, which is led by CIS instructor Victoria Austin.

LPC was previously certified in late 2019, which allowed the team to review and align courses to the CVC's Course Design Rubric, then fast-track these courses through the CVC's review process. Since then, the CVC updated its criteria for certification, and with the college now meeting that standard, it no longer has to send its courses to the CVC for approval after it approves courses.

The ultimate goal of POCR is to review online courses for quality so when LPC enters the CVC Course Exchange, students enrolling in these courses from other California community colleges will be ensured a high-quality educational experience. 

An excerpt from CVC Executive Director Marina Aminy's email notification to LPC:
"Students will benefit greatly from your team’s efforts. Each Las Positas College POCR-reviewed course will receive a Quality Reviewed badge in the CVC Exchange and as such, will appear at the top of the search results when students look for classes at Over time, your focus on high-quality online courses will lead to increases in student success, persistence, and program completion." 

Accessibility symbol
                       Magic Wanda

Web Accessibility Policy Approved by Board

Raise your hand if you knew that the CLPCCD Board of Trustees recently approved a new policy governing web accessibility for students with disabilities? OK, now all three of you can put your hands down now. It's true; for the first time in our district, there is such a policy. Check out Board Policy 3725 Information and Communications Technology Accessibility & Acceptable Use. While you're in the mood, also check out the Administrative Procedures for 3725. The need to make all of your online content accessible to disabled students–whether you are teaching online or using Canvas for on-campus classes–is also in the new Title 5 regulations for Distance Education.

If you need help with web accessibility, you can attend any of the soon-to-be-announced Teaching and Learning Center's workshops conducted by Wanda Butterly, aka the Wizard of Accessibility. You can also contact her directly by email or phone (424-1655). Here are a couple of other resources you can use, too:
Interactive campus map

Interactive Campus Map Launched

Feeling a little lost on campus? Maybe you're a recent hire or have even been hired the past two years and haven't spent much time on campus. No need to wander aimlessly any longer since you can just whip out your phone and access the new interactive campus map.

The map was created by a mapping company called Concept3D with assistance from Accounting Technician Thomas Rothman, Technology College Technology Services Manager Steve Gunderson, Campus Safety Officer Mike Sugi, Anthropology Instructor Dan Cearley, and Webmaster Tim Druley.

It is built on an open-source mapping platform that allows you to locate all of the buildings on campus, along with essential services like Admissions and Records, Counseling, Financial Aid, and, of course, the Teaching and Learning Center. 😀

The map will, obviously, benefit students, too, so if you notice lost students, help them find their classes then suggest they bookmark the map on their phones. View the map.

Arica Steedley wins Online Student of Year

Arica Steedley and two daughters
Stockton resident Arica Steedley was selected the 2021-22 Online Student of the Year scholarship winner. Arica, majoring in Cybersecurity and Network Administration, is a veteran of the United States Army, where she served as an Information Technology Specialist and plans to pursue a career in Computer Science. While at LPC, this mother of two has participated in the Student Veterans Organization. She began taking classes at LPC in Summer 2020, and all of her classes have been online. 
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