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Concurrent Enrollment (High School Students)

March 13 - July 03, 2023.......... Accepting High School Concurrent Enrollment Applications for Late Start Classes Summer 2023.

March 13 - September 04, 2023.......... Accepting High School Concurrent Enrollment Applications for Late Start Classes Fall 2023.

Registration date Summer/Fall terms for all High School students that submitted their forms on time, will be on May 15, 2023.

Las Positas College provides the opportunity for high school students in 09th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades to enroll in college-level courses. Students in 8th grade may be admitted through special agreements between Las Positas College and school districts. Students who desire to participate in concurrent enrollment must be recommended by their high school principal or designee and have written parental permission. Further information on the Concurrent Enrollment policy is available at the student's high school, and at the Office of Admissions and Records in Bldg 1600. We are happy to be able to offer High School students the opportunity to enroll concurrently for the Spring, Summer, & Fall semesters.

Summer/Fall 2023

For important dates and deadlines, please consult the ACADEMIC CALENDAR

Important Dates and Deadlines
Date Details
February 01, 2023  Submit CCCApply Applications for Summer/Fall 2023 term

March 13, 2023 to May 30, 2023

Submit High School Concurrent Enrollment Applications for Summer 2023

March 13, 2023 to July 28, 2023

Submit High School Concurrent Enrollment Applications for Fall 2023

May 15, 2023 High School Concurrent Enrollment students can start registering for classes for the Summer and Fall 2023 terms
May 30 to August 03, 2023 Summer 2023 semester begins (4 different sessions)
August 16, 2023 to December 19, 2023 Fall 2023 semester begins
August 19 Instruction begins for Saturday Fall 2023 classes
September 1 Last day to ADD/DROP with No Grade-of-Record (NGR) - In-Person (Fall 2023 full-term classes only)
September 4 Last day to ADD/DROP with No Grade-of-Records (NGR) - Online via CLASS-Web (Fall 2023 full-term classes only)
December 12 Last day to request Pass/No Pass (Fall 2023 Full term classess only)
November 9 Last day to WITHDRAW with a “W” - In-Person (Fall 2023 full-term classes only)
November 12 Last day to WITHDRAW with a “W” - Online via CLASS-Web (Fall 2023 full-term classes only)
December 12 Last day of Fall 2023 Instruction
December 13 - 19 Final Fall 2023 Examination Period
January 2, 2024 Instructors – Fall 2023 grades due by 11pm via CLASS-Web
Week of January 8, 2024 Students - Fall 2023 grades available via Class-Web


1. Please check the link with a video presentation of the Concurrent Enrollment process.

2. High school students have to submit an online application and a Concurrent Enrollment form every term.

3. Complete the online Admission application and print the APP. ID. confirmation page for your records.

4. Fill out the REQUIRED Concurrent Enrollment Recommendation Form through Adobe Sign. Paper copies will not be accepted. 

IMPORTANT: It is preferred that you fill out this request using your zonemail email address to protect the privacy of your information.

Please be aware that concurrent enrollment students are subject to certain restrictions/limitations. Please review the following:

  • You will notice that we are accepting high school freshmans, sophomores, juniors and seniors only.
  • Unit limitations - Summer is limited to 6 units, Spring and Fall are limited to 11 units each.
  • The student must have a High School grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed.
  • Applications will not be accepted for courses that are closed or full.
  • You must consult the College Catalog to determine if any requested classes have prerequisites. Any prerequisites must be cleared prior to registration. For more assistance with prerequisites, visit the Counseling Office.
  • Please make sure to check the class schedule for the term you are applying for before choosing your classes.


  • Enrollment in basic skills courses (ENG 100 level, all ESL courses, MATH 100 level) are not allowed (Ed. Code 48800).
  • Students who complete paperwork for the LPC Concurrent Enrollment Program may ONLY register for LPC classes. Those who wish to register in class(es) at Chabot College MUST complete paperwork for the Chabot Concurrent Enrollment Program
  • Chabot's Concurrent Enrollment website

Enrollment fees (classes fees) are waived for students in the Concurrent Enrollment program. A mandatory Student Health fee of $21 for Fall and Spring, and $18 for Summer will be assessed to all students each semester or session. A Student Representation fee of $2.00 will be assessed to all students each semester or session. A Transportation fee of $9 (students enrolled in 6 or more units) or $8 (students enrolled in less than 6 units) will be assessed to all students each semester (excluding Summer). An optional Student Activities Fee of $10.00 will be assessed to all students each semester (excluding Summer). Students will be charged a materials fee, if applicable.

  • Students attending home school should also submit a copy of their R4 Affidavits. (CA Ed Code, section 33190)
  • Students who wish to enroll in English and/or Math must still take the Assessment test or clear the prerequisite via Counseling. Effective Fall 2019, placement for English and Math will change. Visit the Assessment Center website for more information.
  • Stop by the Student Health Center in Building 1700 with your parent or guardian to submit the Parent/Guardian Minor Student Authorization Form. This form is not required to participate in the Concurrent Enrollment program, but if you would like to receive regular services from the Health Center, you will need to submit this completed form, along with any additional requirements. Please note that you must also pay the Student Health Fee to receive services at the Health Center. If you have participated in the Concurrent Enrollment program in the past and have already submitted this form, there is no need to submit this form again unless the information you provided has changed.

  • CLASS-Web is the college’s online student portal where students may register for courses, view the online student orientation, take the guided self-placement, pay fees, and much more. Please check the link CLASS-Web Step-by-Step Guides to learn more about Class-Web.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, the health and safety of our students and employees remain as top priority. Consequently, we are trying to make the Concurrent Enrollment process easier for the students.

If you have any questions about Concurrent Enrollment program, please send an email to