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Guest Speaker: Brynn Metheney

  • 04/27/2021
  • 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Guest Speaker: Brynn Metheney

Guest speaker

Brynn specializes in creature design, animal anatomy and visual development for film, games and publishing. Her work has been featured in a number of different publications including, Spectrum Fantastic Art Annuals, Graphite Magazine, Uppercase Magazine and more. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Her clients include Warner Bros. Pictures, Sony Pictures, EuropaCorp, Warner Bros. Animation, Disney Publishing, Dreamscape Immersive, Ember Lab, Reel FX, Wizards of the Coast, Tor Books, Make a Wish Foundation, Dark Horse Comics, Studio Hinrichs, Imagine FX Magazine, WIRED magazine, Bethesda Softworks and more.

April 27th 4PM via ZOOM

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