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Frequently Asked Questions


1. When is the Fire Academy held?

Our Next Fire Academy is scheduled for Spring 2025. Semester begins in January 2025. The Fire Academy meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 7:00am - 5:15pm.

**Schedule subject to change to accomodate Training Days** 

2. What are the Pre-requisites to join:

The pre-requisites for the LPC Regional Fire Academy are as follows:

  • FST 1 Fire Protection Organization. This is the introductory class to Fire Service Technology, and can also be referred to as Introduction to Fire and Emergency Services in other colleges. Please contact the FST program coordinator for more information.
  • EMS 30 ( EMR course) or EMS 20 (EMT course). Having an EMT License or a Paramedic License meet these prerequisites. You must petition for a course prerequisite challenge form in order to be able to register for our Fire Academy. This is applies to students who have not taken EMS 30 or EMS 20 at LPC.
  • FST 7 (the old FSC1 class) Fire Service Physical Conditioning Class. Having a valid, unexpired CPAT Candidate Physical Ability card or a Biddle Physical Agility card also meet these prerequisites. You must petition for a course prerequisite challenge form in order to register for our Fire Academy, this is for NON-LPC students who have not taken our FST7 (FSC1) course. 

** If you are a student transferring from another College or  College district and think you meet these prerequisites, please email the Fire Program Coordinator / Fire Academy Coordinator  **

3. How much does the FIRE Academy cost?

The direct cost for the Fire Academy, including tuition, lab fees, certificates fees and PPE rental etc, is estimated between $2900-$3700 dollars; this is subject to change without notice.

  • Tuition- $46 dollars per unit / 19 units                                            $874
  • Electronic Resources/Books/ Manuals approximate cost            $500
  • Class B Uniforms and PT Uniforms                                        $300-$500
  • PPE /SCBA/Wildland Rental/Lung Capacity testing etc               $1400
  • State Fire Training Firefighter 1 and 2 Certification Test    $100-$200
  • State Fire Training Certificates and CSTI certifications       $400-$650                                                  

Vendors will be collecting fees for services above during the orientation. Please be proactive and plan ahead. There are several industry certificates provided in this course , see SFT and CSTI certificates above. 

We strongly encourage ALL students to apply for financial aid to determine eligibility for funds available to help cover the cost of attendance.

Financial Aid application


For more information please contact:

Jeff Seaton
Fire Service Technology Faculty-Coordinator

George Freelen
Fire Academy Coordinator/ Instructor

Anne Kennedy

Outreach Specialist- Public Safety
(925) 424-1273

Maria Eastwood
Public Safety- Administrative Assistant
(925) 424-1188

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