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Las Positas College

Performing Arts

The Las Positas College Performing Arts program is designed to provide knowledge, training, and practical experience in a variety of areas which can be used in continuing participation and appreciation of theater, music, dance, and communication studies throughout life.  We offer a nurturing and personalized educational environment for all students who wish to pursue their passions in performance.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional wishing to further your studies, our exceptional and approachable faculty will help to you attain your performing arts goals.

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What can you expect at LPC?

  • Passionate, caring, and dedicated professors and staff to help guide students in their arts education.

  • Lifelong friendships and partnerships with cohorts who are passionate about their craft.

  • A fun, personal, and rigorous learning environment where students can explore who they are as artists, while preparing for the real world as professionals.

  • Multiple performing opportunities throughout the year, so that you can grow as an artist.

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