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Las Positas College

Faculty & Staff

Full-time Faculty

Dr. Robin Rehagen

Office:  2330

I’ve been a full-time instructor at Las Positas College since 2015. I received my bachelor’s degree in astrophysics from UC Berkeley in 2009 and my PhD in Astronomy from UCLA in 2015. My dissertation research focused on detecting ionizing ultraviolet light from some of the earliest galaxies to form in the universe, helping us to understand how galaxies and the gas between them evolve throughout cosmic time. In my teaching here at LPC, I want to bring the scientific method to life by encouraging students to design and implement their own physics laboratory experiments in class.

Jennifer LW Siders

Office:  1830

I graduated with a B.A. in Physics in 1991 from Kenyon College in Ohio and earned a Masters and PhD in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin. I was an instructor at the University of New Mexico during my post doc at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and have also taught at both the University of San Diego and Grossmont College. For more than 10 years, while homeschooling my own two kids, I provided science classes for other homeschool students in the Livermore area. In the fall of 2020, I became a part-time instructor at Las Positas College and have recently joined the Physics and Astronomy Department as a full-time professor. Off campus I can be found at star parties doing education outreach as a member of the Tri-Valley Stargazers astronomy club and since 2009 I’ve been involved with the Del Arroyo 4-H club as an Archery project leader.

Adjunct Faculty

Eric Harpell

Dr. William Pezzaglia

Room: 1816 (Classroom)

Dr. Travis White

Dr. Trevor Gonzalinajec

Dr. Philip Powell

Dr. Katie Berryhill

Laboratory Technician

William Kossow