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Las Positas College

Distance Education Addendum

DE Addendum is now an option in our Curriculum System

Curriculum Development

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for reviewing curriculum, establishing prerequisites, placing courses in disciplines, assigning course identifiers and degree and certificate requirements, developing processes and timelines for the review of academic programs, grading policies, maintaining and updating the discipline list, promoting equity in curriculum, and making recommendations to the President for action by the Board of Trustees. All new courses and programs, as well as changes in current course and program content, structure, or credit, must be reviewed by this committee. 

The Curriculum Committee meets on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Mondays [non-holiday periods]. In Fall 2023, meetings will be in-person (Rm. 2414) and via Zoom for guests. All members of the campus community are welcome. 

Curriculum Committee: Agendas & Minutes

You can access the Las Positas College CurriQunet/META site by visiting

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