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Las Positas College

Model Course Template

The optional Model Course Template is offered to instructors who are beginning to design online courses using Canvas. The model can be inputted directly into a blank course, and once inputted, the instructor simply follows the model in designing the rest of the course. One of its benefits is to save the instructor time and effort.

The model course was created based on the OEI Course Design Rubric and meets all of the standards of the rubric.

The model's other main attributes are that it:

  • provides organization and structure to the course
  • builds a community of learners
  • serves as a student tutorial for Canvas
  • gives students a sense of accomplishment at the beginning of the course in order to increase the retention rate
  • is flexible enough to allow instructors to modify as they wish

Here's what you get in the model:

  • An entire first module, featuring 2 assignments and a quiz, that is only a few short instructor modifications away from being finished
  • Seven other modules that include placeholders for an introduction with objectives, a discussion assignment, a quiz, and links for enrichment and remediation. 
  • Sample discussion and written paper assignments, along with associated content and grading rubrics
  • A customizable syllabus that contains elements necessary for online students
  • An opening class announcement
  • Pre-set grading columns in the Gradebook
  • Formative and summative evaluations
  • A formatted home page with linked buttons and a template to use for your course banner.
  • A customizable pre-course letter that you can send to students prior to the beginning of the semester. 
  • Web accessibility for students with disabilities (ADA compliance) built throughout

Accessing the Model Course Template

Follow these instructions for using (and even previewing) the model course template. It includes information about using the model course banner, model syllabus, and model welcome letter to students.