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Las Positas College

Canvas Course Storage Guidelines

In Canvas, each course has a file storage limit, or quota, of 2 GB. Each user has a quota of 50 MB, and each group has a quota of 50 MB. If you need to increase one of the quotas, contact the college’s Canvas system administrator.

Course Quota

If an instructor requests to increase their course quota, a scan of their file storage will be conducted. If there are uploaded videos using large amounts of file space, the instructor might be asked to put them into Canvas Studio or another video repository like YouTube (make the videos unlisted) or 3C Media Solutions, and caption them. If you have other, non-audio/video files that are large and not accessible to students with disabilities, you might be asked to make them accessible and store them using cloud options like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive.

The above should be done before an increase in storage is considered.

User and Group Quotas

If a user requests to increase the user or group quotas, a scan of the user’s or group’s file storage will be conducted. Recommendations will be made before an increase in group quotas is considered. Individual users cannot have their quotas increased.

Storage Notes

  • The storage options noted above do not count against your course quota. Media or files stored outside of Canvas can be linked from within Canvas for student viewing.
  • Other files that do not count against your quotas are files copied from other courses, webcam recordings in Canvas (not using Studio), and graded assignment submissions.
  • Be careful storing content obtained from textbook publishers as this material can take up large amounts of file space and might not be accessible to students with disabilities.
  • If students get a message that says "User storage quota exceeded", the student should go to Profile – Files, and delete files in the Conversation Attachments and Unfiled folders. Conversation attachments are files that were attached to messages sent from the Inbox. Unfiled files are those that were uploaded to the personal Files area and ungraded discussion attachments. These all count toward the student's quota.

Canvas Storage Resources