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Las Positas College

Work-Based Learning Activities

Las Positas College has developed specific activities to support the Work-Based Learning Initiative. The activities help strengthen our area workforce, build our relationship with our community, and provide students with career exploration, real-world experience, and new learning opportunities. Just a few of the many examples include the annual Business and Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, the annual Undergraduate Science Research Poster Session, and student design and marketing services for area small businesses and nonprofits. Following are brief descriptions of Work-Based Learning Activities currently underway at Las Positas College.


Internships are structured career preparation activities designed to enrich and expand classroom learning. Students are placed at a workplace for a defined period of time to participate in and observe work first hand within a given industry. Las Positas College promotes paid internship programs for its students. Students may also be eligible to receive college credit for their internship service.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an unpaid experience where a student follows a worker for a short period of time to learn about a particular occupation or industry. This activity helps students explore the world of work and the range of opportunities found within an occupational area.

Field Trips

A field trip is an off-campus educational and instructional experience. Generally hosted by an employer, a field trip offers students the opportunity to observe, ask questions, and learn from the experience of being on a worksite.

Guest Lecturers

Guest lecturers are a valuable asset to a student's education. Las Positas College welcomes them to our campus to showcase their industry and/or worksite. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about skills needed for occupations, discover more about specific professions, and ask questions of the industry professional.

Other Activities

Career-related student competitions, work experience, service learning, and faculty externships.