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Frequently Asked Questions

Students who have met with a Counselor and setup your SEP, the counselor would let you know when to apply.

If you haven’t seen a counselor then All students should consult the college catalog and or the LPC website, specifically Admissions and Records.

All college deadlines are posted on the Academic Calendar. The deadline to apply for a degree or certificate is Friday, April 1st to be part of the Commencement ceremony.

Once you have submitted a Request for AA/AS Degree or Certificate Application, you will be evaluated, then notified within six to eight weeks whether you have completed all requirements. (Unless it is registration time)

Once you are eligible for your respective degree and/or certificate you will be added to the list of graduates and will receive an invitation to Commencement via zonemail only.

Invitations will be sent out mid-March for Summer 23 Graduates, Fall 23 Graduates and in April for Spring 24 Candidates.

You will need to complete a request, from Admission and Records, the required IGETC and GE Certificates as well and make sure you have ordered your most recent transcript. It would be best to ask the intended university what it is they require from your previous school(s).

No, however, on the day of the event graduates are REQUIRED to report to Building 2400, Room 2401, starting at 10:15 am . . . NO LATER than 10:30 am SHARP to register, complete a name card, and receive further instructions. College employees will be available to assist graduates with the process. Light snacks and refreshments will be available.

No. You must have completed the required Request for Degree/Certificate to receive an invitation to participate in the commencement ceremony.

No. Grads are sent their diplomas by Parchment and will receive an email from the Evaluation team once it has been ordered.

Yes. All graduates are required to wear customary black graduation garments to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

  • Graduates should arrive wearing cap and gown with the tassel on the front right side of the cap. Keep your gown zipped up and clothing under the gown is business casual; wear comfortable shoes.

Students must purchase their cap & gown in person at the LPC Bookstore but you are advised NOT to purchase your Cap & Gown until you receive an official invitation to attend the graduation ceremony.

Purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Purchases must be made prior to the event as the Bookstore WILL NOT be open on Friday.

Grads will receive a formal invitation via zone-mail with instructions on how to RSVP (via Event Brite System). There will be two different times when invitations will be sent out, during that dates listed below.  Make sure you are able to access your zonemail. 

If you need to have your Zonemail password reset, please send email to

Click on our link embedded in email on March 18th through May 20, 2024.

Grads are allotted up to 4 tickets. For those guests unable to attend the ceremony, live streaming on your personal device is available.

If you are a graduate or guest with a physical disability or medical condition requiring accommodations or assistance, when you RSVP, please respond to the question about accommodations. The system will let us know, and we will then contact Christopher Crone, DSPS Director, 925.424.1520 to assist with seating on the day of.

Click here for more information regarding access mobility assistance.

The commencement ceremony usually lasts about 90 minutes.