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Las Positas College

Integrated Learning Center

Located in building 600, the Integrated Learning Center (ILC) is the student-centered place where help is readily available for students in Mathematics and English as a Second Language classes. The ILC is open five days and four nights a week and is staffed by ESL and Mathematics faculty members.

The ILC houses two primary activities:

  • ESL Lab (ESL)
  • The Mathematics Learning Center (MLC)

ESL Lab Times

  • Monday: 12:00 - 12:50 PM
  • Tuesday: 12:00 - 12:50 PM
  • Wednesday: 12:00 - 12:50 PM
  • Thursday: Not Available
  • Friday:  Not Available

Mathematics Learning Center

Houses Concurrent Support courses Math 101C/NMAT 201C and Math 100C/NMAT200C, as well as Just-in Time support NMAT 202C.

Our Just-in-Time Support course, NMAT 202C, is available for students to use throughout the semester if they are unable to sign up for one of our Concurrent Support courses. Students enrolled in NMAT 202C can drop into any of the scheduled concurrent support courses in the MLC for help with their math class class on an as needed basis.

Check the schedule of classes under Noncredit Math for the course CRN. 

While NMAT 202C is a good option for help, the math department strongly encourages students to sign up for one of the Concurrent Support classes, if possible. 


You will get help from instructors and classmates on the most challenging parts of your math class, including homework problems and preparing for tests.  You will also learn math concepts and strategies in a course designed to streamline and improve your performance in your current math course.  There is no homework for this class.

“I LOVE THIS CLASS!!! They answer all my questions when I have them. Each professor is so helpful and informative. They always give you the best advice on how to do the problems. And I’m getting a B in my class because of it! Which is the highest math grade I’ve ever received.”

~ LPC student

Concurrent Support is offered HyFlex - choose each class to come in-person and/or virtual!

More information on Concurrent Support and Current Semester Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions about Concurrent Support


Additional help is also available at the tutorial center.