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Las Positas College

Organizational Realignment

The Campus Community has been invited to participate in an LPC Organizational Realignment Conversation.  The first conversation took place on January 20, 2023 where the entire campus was invited. Subsequent conversations have taken place at Town Meetings, LPC Administrative Team Meetings, and College Council Meetings.

The purpose of these conversation is to start to explore the exciting opportunity to assess our organizational structure in relation to our mission, vision, and strategic goals and priorities. 

Input and feedback from faculty, classified professionals, and administrators will allow us to identify opportunities to be more efficient in how we are structured operationally within our respective divisions/departments to allow for more effectiveness, stability, and capacity to further support student success.

Opportunities will continue to be provided for input and feedback to this process.  As we, collectively, envision how we will re-align our institution, we will utilize our college governance structure (College Council) to assess the cost of each action, determine the priority in which we will proceed, and establish a broad timeframe in which the re-alignment would occur. We will communicate regularly through Town Meetings to keep the campus community informed of this process.

The Organizational Alignment PowerPoint highlights the purpose and scope of these conversations, guidelines and considerations, college goals and priorities, potential challenges, phases and next steps.

LPC's Organizational Realignment Feedback Form