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Las Positas College

Alternative Media (Alt. Media)

The Alternative Media (Alt. Media) center at Las Positas College is committed to ensuring that students have materials that they need in a format they can use. Alternative media is an alternative format (or medium) of original print materials that students with verified disabilities can use to access required textbooks, course materials, class handouts, exams, and other print materials. Some Examples of Alternative Media provided by DSPS include Electronic formats (PDF, Word, Kurzweil), Audio Files, Large Print, Braille, etc.

How do Students get Ebooks/Alt. Media Accommodations:

  1. First, students must meet with a DSPS counselor to determine which Alternative Media resources are right for you.
  2. You will reach out  and connect with the Alternative Media Specialists and make the request for any textbooks or educational materials that you may need in an alternative format.
  3. You will need to set a follow up appointment with the Alt Media Specialist who will take your requests and provide training on how to use the recommended devices, technologies, and resources.

Alt. Media Request Process

As we are now transitioning to Accommodate, Students will be able to request their Books in Alternative Format via Accommodate System.

Here is Step by Step Process:

  • First log in to your Accommodate

  •  Click on Alternative Format under Accommodations
  • Next click on Student Entered (As shown in the screenshot)

    Student Entered
  • Click the "Add New Alternative Media Request"  Button
    add new alternative request
  • Fill out the Form with all the Details

  • Specify the format you would like to receive the book in along with attaching the Proof of Ownership

    screenshot of the form to be filled online
  • Sign the "Alternative Media Agreement" and Hit Submit

    agreement form

Alternative Alt. Media Request Process 

Alternatively you may fill out the Alternative Media Request form and send it   

Download & Fill the Alternative Media Request

Alt Media Production Timeline

Upon receipt of request, the Alternative Media Specialist will e-mail or phone the student a tentative timeline for the project. Students will receive another call or e-mail when the material is ready for pick up in the Disability Resource Center in 1615.

Because of the time consuming nature of each alternative media request, all requests are processed on a first come first served basis. The amount of time it takes to complete each request depends on the type of starting material, the number of pages, and the alternate media type. The Disability Resource Center will follow the recommended timelines outlined by the Chancellor’s Office Guidelines for Producing Instructional and other Printed Materials in Alternative Media for Person’s with Disabilities for Standard Production, Rolling Production, and Specialized Text Production.


Shriya Shah, Alternative Media  Technology Specialist

Bldg 1600 Room 1615 Phone: (925) 424-1522