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AB 63


AB 63- AB 63 will make it so that persons on active duty in the United States Armed Forces will be able to pay in state fees, as required by the United States government. There is little doubt that this will fail in the Assembly because it is making the California residency requirements for Active Duty Armed Forces members to be uniform with the requirements for tuition with the United States Government. This bill would also delete a person without lawful immigration status from the exemption from paying nonresident tuition at the California Community Colleges and the California State University. This Bill is in response to AB 540. AB 540 qualified students to pay in state fees if they met 3 criteria:

1. Attend a California high school for 3 or more years;

2. Graduate from a California high school or receive the equivalent general education diploma (GED);

3. Register or be currently enrolled in a California Community College, California State University, or a University of California;and

4. Sign a statement with the college or university (NOT with INS) stating that he/she will apply for legal residency as soon as he/she is eligible to do so.

However, students without lawful immigration status were not able to fall under the provisions of AB 540. This bill will eliminate that provision. A resolution in support of this bill will be presented to the Associated Students of Las Positas College shortly, hopefully prior to this bill will be voted on.



William Garcia
Vice President, Student Services

Nessa Julian, Ed.D
Director, Student Equity and Success

Tatiana Hernandez

Zainab Dogar
Vice President

Jasleen Gill
Inter-Club Council Chair

Garrett Culbertson
Director of Legislation

Kirstie Burgess
Director of Events

Uphie Ngwa
Director of Communications

Chris Romero
Student Trustee

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Page last modified: April 24, 2017