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Employer Services

There are many ways for employers to be involved, and partner, with Las Positas College. As part of the Tri-Valley community, the College is a partner in the development of our workforce and the growth of our economy. Working together, we can develop the students of Las Positas College to be contributing members of your business and our community.

Getting involved with LPC

Las Positas College offers its students a host of educational opportunities. We offer Associates degrees, transfer degrees, career-technical certificates of achievement, noncredit and community education courses. Visit the programs page to see the areas of degree and certificated studies that we have on our Livermore campus. Within each of these are opportunities for employers and area businesses to be involved. Below are some of the opportunities available. If you have other ideas, please feel free to contact the Dean or faculty member of that area of study.

Recruiting on Campus

Though we currently do not have staff at the Career Center, there are opportunities for you to recruit on campus. For a small fee, you are welcome to have a table in the common areas outside where the foot traffic is heaviest. Our Facilities Use web pages can give you all the guidelines and information you need on this program.

We also hold job fairs on campus with the partnership of the Tri-Valley One-Stop Career Center. These can be large, multi-discipline job fairs or smaller ones dedicated to a particular department. If you are interested in learning more or participating in any upcoming job fairs, please contact the Tri-Valley One-Stop (925-560-9431).

Hiring interns

Internships are a perfect way for businesses to be involved in a student’s education. They are structured work activities designed to expand classroom learning through a work-like experience. Students are placed at a workplace for a defined period of time to participate in and observe work first-hand within a given industry. Las Positas College promotes paid internship programs for its students. Students may also be eligible to receive college credit for their internship service.

If you are looking to hire an intern for your business, please email or visit College Central Network. You can upload your opportunity to the Network where the students will find you.

Partner through other work-based learning activities

Work-based learning is an educational strategy that provides Las Positas College students with real-life work experiences. During these activities, they are able to apply their classroom learning and increase their employability. This link between the classroom and the work place cannot happen, however, without the partnership of the region’s employers. Work-based learning is a commitment by both the College and the employers to develop our students into a better, more successful employee.

Learn more about these opportunities by visiting our Work-based Learning pages or emailing the coordinator:

Participating in advisory boards

Las Positas College’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare students for skilled trades in a wide range of occupations. These programs offer students a career path that starts in a high-wage, middle-skilled job – the jobs that employers often find hard to fill. To learn more about the College’s CTE program, visit the program website.

Each of the CTE programs includes an advisory committee. In today’s rapidly changing work environment, the College uses these committees to keep a pulse on changes in the workplace, both in technologies and industry developments. Information that is brought forth in these committees is used to improve the program curriculum, making our students that much more employable.

In order for these advisory committees to work as they are proposed, each program needs to have participation from industry representatives. They meet only once or twice a year and are a great opportunity to both gain and impart insight for the betterment of the programs. For more information on these advisory committees, please contact the Program Manager, Vicki Shipman.

Holding your meetings or events on campus

Las Positas College is identified as a “Civic Center” with designated public forums areas available for community use when such use does not conflict with District programs and operations. Las Positas College has a number of excellent facilities available for rent including a performing arts theater, gymnasium, synthetic soccer field, pools, lecture hall, classrooms, and even parking lots.

Visit the Facilities Use page for more information and rental guidelines.

Connect with the Las Positas College Foundation

The Las Positas College Foundation exists to help ensure that the College continues to be a premier educational institution in our region. It is a volunteer-governed organization that helps improve our student’s educational opportunities both through funding student scholarships and helping our program departments with needed equipment and teaching aids to remain current in the industry.

As a community member, and a business in our region, you benefit from the work of the College and its Foundation. There are many ways to become involved with the Las Positas College Foundation. Visit their website for more information, or call 925-424-1010.