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Career Center Events

In the age of online applications, internet searches and automated resume screeners (aka: applicant tracking systems), meeting someone face-to-face and networking is STILL the BEST way to find a job. In fact, more jobs are found through networking than any other means.

To this end, Las Positas College and the Tri-Valley One-Stop offer ample opportunity for job seekers to meet employers face-to-face. Large and small job fairs are held sporadically on campus and in the community. Employers are encouraged to recruit on campus by having a table on the quad. (See the Facilities Use Guidelines and Fees). Many more small recruitment events are held at the Tri-Valley One-Stop. Even more are held around the region.

Take advantage of them all. To get the most of hiring events, you need to come prepared. Below are links to a couple tip-sheets to help.

On-Campus Events

There are currently no up-coming hiring events on campus

To recruit on-campus, please refer to Facilities Use Guidelines and Fees.

Off-Campus Events

There are ALWAYS hiring events happening around the East Bay. The Tri-Valley One-Stop has a list of some of the larger events in the region on its website. There are thirteen other job centers like it around the East Bay. Many of them host smaller events that may include one or two employers. You can find a list of these on the EastBay Works website.