Parking on Campus

Parking on Campus

Lock your vehicle! The college assumes no responsibility for damage to or theft of (or from) vehicles parked in college lots.

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Parking Updates & Changes

UPDATED ON February 28, 2014

  • Parking lot O is open for general parking, a permit is required to park in this lot. Please note there is no parking permit dispenser in this parking lot, a permit must be purchased from another parking lot prior to parking in this lot.

Parking Permits Available Online

All semester parking permits must be purchased online via CLASS-Web. You will need the license number, a description of the vehicle you wish to purchase a permit for, and a printer to print your temporary permit. The actual hanging permit will be mailed to the address you provide when applying for your permit.  Vehicles not displaying a valid permit, (hanging-type semester permit, temporary permit or daily permit from parking lot machines,) will be cited.

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary parking permits are only valid for the time indicated on the permit, once the permit is "expired" it is no longer valid. Please do not use or display an expired temporary permit. If you have not received your permanent hanging semester parking pass try the following:

Frequently Asked Questions – Purchasing a Parking Permit

1.Q. I am having problems printing my permit what should I do?

A.  If you are logged into CLASS-WEB return to the main menu of class web, and click on the Student Service & Financial Aid link.   Then go to the Pay My Fees Online link, pay the fees and then go back to main menu.   Once at the main menu click on the Order or Activate a parking permit link.  Then select print a temporary permit link. (There may be a ten minute delay from the time of payment and the temporary permit being generated).

2.Q. I am at the screen where I should be able to print my parking permit, but it is not being displayed, what should I do?

A.  On your computer you may have to change the settings to allow pop ups. Once you have changed the setting to allow pop ups, log out and back into class web and then try printing the permit again.  Check to make sure that all your fees have been paid. Your term balance must be at a zero balance before ClassWeb or the Zone will allow you to print a parking pass.

3.Q. I have already paid for my parking permit, and waited the required ten minutes and my permit still has not been generated, what do I do?

A.  If you have paid and the permit is not generating for you to print, log off and log back on to Class web.  Check to make sure your payment was accepted and your term balance is zero (this is the same process as described in question number #1).  If you have complete steps #1 and #2 and still no permit contact the campus safety department in person or by telephone @ 925-424-1690 and be ready to provide your student ID (W#).

4. Q. I drive more than one car do I need to purchase two parking permits?

A.  No it is not necessary. You may purchase one permit and use that permit on any vehicle you drive to campus.  A valid permit must be displayed anytime the vehicle is parked on campus.

5. Q I attend Chabot and Las Positas College is the parking permit the same for both campuses?

A. Yes, the semester hanging parking permit is exactly the same at both Chabot College and Las Positas College. Please note that if you have been issued a yellow daily parking permit from the Campus Safety office or other offices on campus, these type of permits are only valid at the issuing college.

 6. Q. I accidentally ordered two parking permits how do I cancel one?

A. Currently Class-Web and The Zone do not allow users to cancel parking permits. If you need a permit cancelled contact Campus Safety at 925-424-1690.

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